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  • Taking care of your brain with Babaoo
    Brain Week: taking care of your brain with Babaoo

    March 11 to 17 was Brain Week, and at Babaoo, we know all about brains! Babaoo was designed to help children understand how their Brain works, so they can make better use of it. 🧠 We know today: knowing how your Brain works is just as important as knowing how to read or write. Taking care of it means helping children to grow, succeed and flourish!

  • brain week 2024
    Brain Week 2024: embark on an educational adventure with Babaoo

    Every year, an event captures the attention of the curious, science enthusiasts, and all those who are interested from near or far in the workings of our brains: Brain Week. For its 26th edition, taking place from March 11 to 17, 2024, events will be held in every corner of the globe. Babaoo will be taking part in this exceptional event: we can't wait to share with you, in this article, a glimpse of what's in store! ⬇️

  • Les enfants testent le jeu vidéo Babaoo
    Children test out Babaoo video game

    In July 2023, our Studio hosted a preview of Babaoo for around fifteen children. It was a golden opportunity to improve our video game with a view to its release on stores in September.