Brain Week 2024: embark on an educational adventure with Babaoo

Every year, an event captures the attention of the curious, science enthusiasts, and all those who are interested from near or far in the workings of our brains: Brain Week. For its 26th edition, taking place from March 11 to 17, 2024, events will be held in every corner of the globe. Babaoo will be taking part in this exceptional event: we can't wait to share with you, in this article, a glimpse of what's in store! ⬇️
Babaoo The Mag Brain Week 2024: embark on an educational adventure with Babaoo
brain week 2024

Imagine a journey to the heart of the most complex human organ: the brain. That’s the unique experience offered by Brain Week, the event dedicated to exploring and demystifying the enigmas that orchestrate every thought, emotion and memory.

The event takes place in over 100 countries, including 120 French cities, in a multitude of venues, from major metropolises to small towns, offering a diversity of approaches and perspectives on neuroscience.

Experts behind Brain Week

This special week brings together an international community of scientists, researchers, and educators, all united by a shared passion for neuroscience. In France, renowned institutions such as CNRS and INSERM play a key role in organizing the event.

Their mission? To share their passion and knowledge with the general public, shedding light, in the process, on preconceived ideas about the Brain and highlighting the latest scientific advances.

At Babaoo, we see it as an opportunity to show that science can be both fun and enriching, a way of getting to know ourselves better so we can live better!

A diverse program for all the curious

Brain Week tackles a variety of subjects: from the most fundamental, such as how neurons work, to societal issues, such as the impact of new technologies on our Brains. For this 2024 edition, various topics will be addressed, including:

  • Addictions
  • Learning
  • Brain and food
  • Brain and art
  • Brain and artificial intelligence
  • Brain and society
  • Brain and sport
  • Cognition
  • Understanding the Brain
  • Memory
  • The sick Brain
  • The development of the Brain
  • Sleep
  • The 5 senses
  • The emotions

➡️ The full program is available on the official Brain Week website.

An open door to research

What makes this event so special is the opportunity for direct exchange with researchers and healthcare professionals. These moments of sharing demystify scientific research and make it accessible. Questions from the public, often pointed and varied, enrich these exchanges.

Brain Week is also an opportunity to highlight ongoing research and understand its practical implications. Through laboratory visits or project presentations, the public grasps the importance of fundamental and applied research in meeting our society’s health challenges.

An interactive and immersive approach

The organizers make a point of proposing activities that solicit the active participation of visitors. This hands-on approach facilitates understanding of sometimes complex concepts and stimulates participants’ natural curiosity through :

  • Conferences and debates: experts from around the world share their knowledge and discuss the latest advances in neuroscience. These sessions are often followed by question-and-answer periods.
  • Educational workshops: designed for schools and the general public, these workshops are an opportunity to handle scientific instruments, take part in experiments and gain a hands-on understanding of how the Brain works.
  • Exhibitions: museums and science centers host themed exhibitions that combine visual, interactive and informative elements to explore different aspects of neuroscience.
  • Lab tours: some institutions open their doors to the public to find out from the inside how neuroscience research is conducted.

Note: the key aim of this event is to make neuroscience accessible to everyone, regardless of education level or age. Activities are designed to be understandable and captivating, whether you’re a curious neophyte or a student of science.

Demystifying the Brain… and more!

The Brain, that complex and fascinating organ, is at the center of many questions and myths. Brain Week offers a unique opportunity to demystify and explain how this essential organ works.

Awareness of neurological diseases

As the population ages, neurological diseases and mental disorders are affecting a growing proportion of the population. Brain Week plays a role in raising awareness of these issues, notably by providing information on symptoms, available treatments, and above all, means of prevention.

Promoting neuroscience research

Neuroscience research is essential to understanding the mysteries of the Brain and finding treatments for neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases, or brain injuries. Highlighting the work of researchers encourages support for scientific research and underlines the importance of investment in this field.

Awakening vocations

Making science accessible and presenting neuroscience in an attractive way can awaken vocations in young people and offer career opportunities.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the neuroeducational game Babaoo

To mark Brain Week, Babaoo will unveil a daily video capsule exploring the behind-the-scenes creation of its game. These vignettes will highlight how neuroscience principles guide game design and experience, to bring you an engaging and effective game!

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The Babaoo recap

Brain Week isn’t just an opportunity to learn: it’s an invitation to see the world, and ourselves, in a new light, through the prism of our most mysterious and powerful organ! 🧠

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