GDR 2023: Babaoo took part in the 2nd scientific conference of the Memory Research Group

From 3 to 6 October, the Babaoo team was present at the second edition of the interdisciplinary scientific symposium of the GDR Mémoire in Carry-le-Rouet. We organised a symposium, presented and tested the game: here's a look back at the event.
Babaoo The Mag GDR 2023: Babaoo took part in the 2nd scientific conference of the Memory Research Group
GDR Mémoire 2023

What is the GDR Mémoire?

The GDR Mémoire stands for “Groupement De Recherche sur la Mémoire”. It is a grouping of hundreds of researchers who share the same scientific interest in memory.

The aim of the GDR Mémoire interdisciplinary colloquium is to build a genuine transdisciplinarity around the theme of memory.”

The idea is to come and present research work in the field of memory, to be able to exchange ideas between researchers, and to envisage new collaborations!

For Babaoo, it was also a golden opportunity to promote and test the game with memory specialists. We were thus able to gather their first impressions and suggestions for improvement both in terms of the game’s ergonomics and the scientific aspect of the content.

Metacognition in a video game, they’d never seen anything like it! And it has to be said that they were immediately thrilled. 🤩

Babaoo was selected to organise one of the 10 symposia at this conference. Our symposium targeted education and metacognition more specifically and featured key players from the scientific and clinical world of Metacognition.

Education and Metacognition: a crack team for a fascinating subject!

  • Julie Dossini and Valérie Castelain-Leveque, our two consultant speech therapists and relays for Pierre-Paul Gagné’s PREDECC network in France, got the ball rolling with a talk on the importance of Metacognition in learning.
  • Jean-Philippe Lachaux, one of our partners from the CRNL, went on to present the ATOLE Programme, reminding us that any everyday task requires us to take into account what we perceive, the intention that drives us, and the way in which we are going to have to act effectively.
  • Alexandra Volckaert, our Head of Cognitive Research and Doctor of Psychology, presented her research findings on inhibition, reminding us of the importance of stimulating Executive Functions from an early age, particularly through the INEMO KIDSCHOOL Programme.
  • Lucile Meunier-Duperray and Céline Souchay, researchers at the Laboratory of Psychology and Neurocognition at the University of Grenoble, reminded us of the importance of using Metacognition in the elderly too!
  • Christophe Barnoin, co-founder of Babaoo, meanwhile presented Babaoo and its development to the researchers present at the conference.

Equipped with tablets, our team also offered attendees the chance to test the Beta version of our neuro-educational game as a preview… just a few weeks before its release on the stores.

Four days of sharing on the field of Memory

On the programme: Various Keynotes including “Mathematical applications to learning processes”, 10 symposia around memory (Perception and memory of time, Memory and pain, Memory and Justice, Interactions between memories and emotions, …), and “poster sessions” allowing researchers and Psychology Masters students to come and present their current research work. Between the conferences, the researchers were able to test Babaoo.

What is the connection with our game? The desire to advance science and better understand the mechanisms involved in memory processes, in order to advance the field!

Thank you to the GDR Mémoire scientific committee for selecting us for this second edition, and to all the researchers present for the warm welcome they gave Babaoo.

We look forward to showing Babaoo to the public!

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