Brain explained

  • Olympic Games and Executive Functions
    Olympic Games: if Executive Functions were a sport

    Mens sana in corpore sano”, as the Romans said 2,000 years ago: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Despite popular belief, the brain is not a muscle, but its development requires training that is sometimes worthy of a sport! To coincide with the Paris Olympics, Babaoo has created a little game - a sort of Chinese portrait - to help you discover which sports the Executive Functions might correspond to.

  • The benefits of meditation for children
    The benefits of meditation for children

    Meditation is often seen as an inner journey reserved for adults. In reality, this activity is accessible to everyone, even the very youngest. Together, let's discover how this practice can enrich their daily lives to grow up in harmony with themselves - and the world around them! 🌟

  • The benefits of boredom for the brain
    The benefits of boredom for the brain

    Ah, boredom... That little intruder in our lives and those of our children, that troublemaker of quiet afternoons. But, dear parents, what if we told you that this dreaded state of affairs is actually a treasure trove for our little ones' development? Far from being an enemy, boredom could well be an ally of their creativity and learning. But why? And how? Babaoo explains. ⬇️

  • Children's sleep linked to brain development
    Children’s sleep linked to brain development

    Why children's sleep is important? How can we ensure they get the restful sleep they need? Let's dive together into the mysteries of sleep and its indispensable role for young, growing minds. 😴

  • Picture: What is inhibitory control ?
    Executive functions: what is Inhibitory Control?

    Our children have super powers! Whatever their age, they learn again and again, even without realizing it. At the heart of this learning are the executive functions, the brain's true pilots, which orchestrate our thoughts, actions and emotions with remarkable precision. Among them, inhibitory control stands out as the champion of self-control and perseverance. But what is inhibitory control? Babaoo Mag explains! ⬇️

  • Brainfood: how to feed children's brains?
    Brainfood: how to feed children’s brains?

    In our never-ending quest to offer our children the very best, today we turn our attention to the notion of "brainfood". This concept underlines the importance of food in a child's cognitive and physical development. But what are brainfoods? How can we incorporate them into our children's daily diet? Babaoo explains. ⬇️

  • Stanislas Dehaene's Four Pillars Of Learning
    Stanislas Dehaene’s four pillars of learning

    Ah, learning for our children! As the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait". Learning is an adventure, and to best accompany our children on this quest, it's essential to understand its basics. 🧠

  • 4 phases of learning
    Understanding the 4 phases of learning for children

    Modelling, Training, Appropriation and Transfer. Understanding the 4 phases of children's learning is crucial to guiding and supporting their development. Curious to find out more? Babaoo Mag has the facts for you!

  • Métacognition definition
    What is metacognition exactly?

    Metacognition is a superpower that enables us (adults and children alike) to learn how to learn. It's our ability to step back and analyse a situation and pay attention to what's going on in our heads. Want to find out more about this superpower? Babaoo Mag has the facts for you!

  • Les avantages du sport pour le cerveau
    The benefits of sport for children’s brains

    Sport isn't just a great way for kids to expend their boundless energy. Did you know that physical activity can also stimulate their growing brains? Let's discover together the cognitive benefits of sport for these developing brains. 🧠

  • Learn how to to something in 4 steps
    Learning to do something new in 4 steps

    We learn throughout our lives, but childhood is a crucial time when our little ones learn a huge amount, day after day, often without even realising it. But really... How do you learn to do something new? Here's how, in 4 easy steps. 😉

  • Children executive functions
    Understanding children’s executive functions

    Attention, Inhibition, Working Memory, Flexibility, Planning: Executive Functions are our brain's superpowers. They enable us to control our thoughts, actions and emotions. To better understand executive functions and their role in children's development, follow the guide!