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  • Inhibitory and impulsivity management in Babaoo
    Inhibitory and impulsivity management in Babaoo

    "Stop... I think, then I act!." Inhibitory is that fascinating ability to stop in the middle of an action to take time to think about what comes next. This Executive Function plays a role in our children's development. So what's the magic recipe to help them develop this precious ability to better manage their impulsivity? What if a video game specially designed for the very young, which transforms this learning process into a captivating adventure, were the key? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️

  • les bienfaits de l'apprentissage par les jeux vidéo
    The benefits of learning through video games

    Learning, the quest for knowledge and skills, accompanies us throughout our lives. From early childhood to adulthood, we continue to learn, even outside the classroom! And among the most effective ways of learning, games - and video games in particular - occupy a special place! As we grow up, we equate games with entertainment, yet they have unsuspected educational potential. Babaoo Mag takes a closer look! ⬇️

  • Learning and video games
    Learning and video games: make or break?

    Video games? They make you dumb! 😈 It's a refrain some people like to proclaim loud and clear. And yet, for several years now, the video game industry has been changing. More than just entertainment, they now play a part in our children's education. Whether they are interactive games, specialized in certain disciplines or develop "learning to learn", video games continue to be the subject of debate. But Is it really possible to learn while having fun behind a screen? Babaoo Mag takes stock for you! 💡