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the neuroeducational video game to learn how to learn with fun

No lessons, no exercises, no dictation. We're not here to do homework! Babaoo is an adventure in the discovery of your brain's superpowers. A video game that teaches you how to mobilize them to meet the challenges of real life!
Educational game for kids on tablet
Available for Apple and Android
Giving children the keys to learn how
to make the most of their brains:
that's Babaoo!

The Great Distraction has upset everything in the Brain World

The Brain World was a beautiful and peaceful place. Its inhabitants lived in harmony until the arrival of the Great Distraction. The Distractors have invaded the world of the Babaoos and turned everything upside down. The inhabitants are no longer themselves. Nothing works anymore… And to top it all off, Attention has disappeared!

Join the adventure to help the Babaoos unravel the mysteries of the Brain World and restore balance.

The hero of the adventure: is you!

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Before joining the Brain World, choose your avatar

As you complete missions, you’ll earn new clothes and accessories. It’s up to you to combine them to create a look that suits you… or not!

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Team up with the Babaoos


The Babaoos are your allies

You’ll meet 5 Babaoos on your journey. These new friends will be with you on all your adventures! Warm and peaceful, the Babaoos lived in harmony with the inhabitants of the Brain World. They keep the universe in balance and in good working order.

But since the Great Distraction, they don’t know where to turn! They need your help to repel the Distractors and help the Brain World’s inhabitants.


Develop your Babaoos’ superpowers

Each Babaoo is the protector of an Executive Function. See the little ball above his head? That’s her! Each Executive Function is unique and gives its Babaoo different cognitive powers.

The Babaoos teach you how to use the powers of the Executive Functions in the Game… and in real life. To restore the great balance, you’ll need the skills of all the Babaoos. Complete the challenges to gain experience and unlock new superpowers.


And in real life?

The Babaoos represent the 5 major executive functions of the brain: Inhibitory Control, Attention, Working Memory, Mental Flexibility and Planning. These brain skills enable us to control our thoughts, actions and emotions. They are engaged every time we learn something.

Coming to school with a solid foundation of these executive functions is more important for children than knowing their letters and numbers“, reports Harvard University’s Center for Child Development.


Babaoo is designed to stimulate the 5 executive functions

As adventures unfold, players learn to use them to meet challenges and progress through the game. By multiplying examples of everyday situations that involve the executive functions, the game helps children learn to recognize them in real life.

Babaoo regularly invites children to get out of the game and carry out activities on their own, with family or friends. In this way, they learn to use the skills they’ve developed through play on a daily basis.

Explore the world of Babaoos in total freedom

A multitude of landscapes to discover

The Brain World is a colorful universe divided into 5 biomes. Snow-covered hills, mangrove swamps, fields of flowers… Your journey will take you through landscapes as mysterious as they are poetic.

Each biome is the territory of an executive function

With its wintry decor, the Inhibitory Control biome invites you to keep a cool head, while the exuberant nature of the Attention biome attracts the eye and seems to do everything to distract you…

Just as the executive functions interact with each other, the biomes form a coherent whole, through which you move freely.

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Discovering the neural network

As you explore the biomes, you’ll realize that they’re made up of a multitude of tiny islands: neurons. Linked by bridges, they form a vast network that you can explore at your own pace.

Before the Great Distraction, each neuron fulfilled a function in the great balance. It’s up to you to find out what the Distractors have disrupted, so you can re-establish the right connections and regain harmony.

A universe of endearing creatures

Astrocytes inhabit neurons

Astrocytes are charming creatures who live in a community. They work hard to take care of the neurons.

But since the Great Distraction, the Astrocytes have had it all their own way! They’ve deserted their posts and there’s a shortage of hands to harvest nutrients, process waste, build new villages, and ensure the safety of the inhabitants…

Free them from the influence of the Distractors and help them restore balance to the Brain World.

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The Great Wise Ones always have something incredible to teach

The Great Wise Ones are unique Astrocytes. They have acquired extraordinary knowledge because they can observe both what’s going on inside the brain and what’s going on outside, in the human world… your world!

To help you make the link between the game and the world around you, the Great Wise Ones give you missions to carry out in real life. It’s up to you to carry them out alone, with your family or friends.

Photo d'un astrocyte

And in real life?

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells found in our brains. They take care of neurons, supplying them with nutrients, recycling the waste they produce, and cleaning them.

They also modulate neuronal activity. For example, when we learn something, astrocytes increase the neuronal activity involved in learning and memorization.

Distractors have invaded neurons

What about real life?

Distractors have always existed in the Brain World

These irresponsible people love to make a mess wherever they go, and they’re all about having fun. Normally, Babaoos, Astrocytes and Distractors live in harmony. But since the Great Distraction, the balance has been upset.

It’s up to you to team up with the Babaoos to inhibit the Distractors and free the Astrocytes from their influence.

Distractors personify the distractions that disturb us in real life

Whether they come from our environment, our sensations, or our thoughts, distractions draw our attention and prevent us from staying focused.

They are not inherently bad. But we need to learn to identify them so we can channel them when necessary.

Babaoo is based on 3 game mechanisms: exploration, challenge, and confrontation

What about real life?

Explore the Brain World freely and accomplish extraordinary missions

Discover the Brain World and its dreamlike landscapes. You’ll lose yourself in the scenery and your imagination will roam free.

Little stories from the big story Babaoo, missions punctuate your journey. As you chat with the Astrocytes, you soon realize that there’s a lot going on with neurons. The astrolob match is about to start, but the coach has disappeared! Where did he go? And the concert… How are the musicians going to play if their instruments don’t turn up? After you’ve helped the band members prepare for their parade, you’ll have a moment to rescue those panicking Astrocytes.

Babaoo is a video game that leaves plenty of room for children’s imagination and creativity

Free exploration at their own pace helps build children self-confidence, while completing missions nurtures their sense of competence.

In addition to advancing the adventure, the missions have a metacognitive purpose: by achieving their objectives, players become aware of their own cognitive processes. They understand how the World-Brain – their brain – works.

jeu d'exploration pour les enfants
What about real life?

Challenge yourself to gain experience

During your missions, you’ll sometimes be asked to help the Astrocytes with their daily tasks: feeding neurons, recycling waste, building houses, or repelling bacteria… There’s so much you can do on a neuron!

Repeat these mini-games as many times as you like to gain maximum experience. Challenge your Babaoos to progress and unlock all their superpowers!

The challenges stimulate the player’s executive functions and exercise his cognitive skills

In Babaoo, mistakes are always treated with kindness, allowing the player to progress. Instant feedback enables players to understand and learn from their mistakes.

By repeating and overcoming levels of difficulty one after the other, children reinforce their cognitive skills at the ideal pace: their own.

Jeu reflexes cognitifs

Fighting Distractors

The Distractors are driving the Astrocytes crazy! Team up with your Babaoos and engage in frenzied confrontations to defeat them.

United we stand, divided we fall! Combine the different powers of the Babaoos to fight your opponents.

But be careful! Some Distractors are tougher than others. Train your Babaoos to make them strong enough to beat them.

jeu de confrontation pour les enfants