Babaoo Manifesto

Our beliefs

The brain is a formidable machine

It understands, adapts, establishes rules, builds cognitive reflexes and makes sense of the world. Our brain is constantly learning, when we’re concentrating, when we’re dreaming, when we’re sleeping… Without telling us and without any apparent effort.

You can learn to use your brain properly!

Thanks to cognitive science, we now know how the brain works, and that it’s possible to optimize the way it learns. Learning to learn is an apprenticeship in itself, an essential step if children are to make effective progress in their schooling and become enthusiastic about knowledge.

We urgently need to offer our children a neuro-educational tool

A fun, scientific solution to help them develop their potential. A tool to help them understand how their brains work and acquire reflexes and cognitive processes they can use in real life.

Jeu vidéo neuroéducation
Video games are the ideal tool for learning how to learn
  • Immersive and fun, to help children take control of their learning and stimulate their desire to learn.
  • Designed and updated with neuroscientists to promote players’ cognitive development.
  • On a tablet, to be accessible to all.
Gestion des données jeu vidéo éducatif
Users' gaming data is precious

It must be processed for the sole purpose of improving their experience, and will never be commercialized.

Accompagner les enfants dans leur développement
Everyone does their best

As parents, teachers, and professionals working with children, we all want to give them the best possible education. But how can we do this?

How can we make scientific discoveries our own? How do we find the right learning method for each individual? Even with the best will in the world, we need to devote energy and time to this task… which is already in short supply.

Education is the condition for freedom.
Freedom is not given, it is built.

Offering a solution that enables children to become aware of their abilities, to develop them, and to become active players in their education… isn’t that the best way to give children the keys to their future?

Our mission is to enable everyone to (re)take control of their brain and develop their full potential

Neuroscience and cognitive psychology are the subject of major research and discoveries. The pace and impact of these discoveries are increasing every day. For everyone to be able to grasp these diamonds in the rough, it’s essential to polish them and present them in an educational setting. At Babaoo, that’s our job!

Making neuroeducation accessible to all

In the Lab, we monitor the progress of research, select publications and decode them to transform them into neuroeducational resources that are understandable, useful and accessible to all.

In the Mag, we share these resources with parents, teachers and professionals in the fields of education and remediation, so that everyone can appropriate the discoveries of cognitive neuroscience and support children in their development.

Offering children a tool for learning to learn in an exciting way

We integrate this knowledge into our educative game. The 1st neuroeducation game, Babaoo offers learning paths guided by a scientific protocol that closely resembles the way the brain works. Each element of the adventure (story, settings, characters, quests) supports the player’s understanding of his or her brain processes and stimulates the creation of cognitive reflexes, i.e. skills that are operational in real life.

At Babaoo, we do everything we can to help children take ownership of their brains, and get excited about learning, themselves, others, and the future.

Discover the Game

Babaoo is a digital neuro-educational toolbox

Apprendre à apprendre avec la neuroéducation

For children, parents and the professionals who support their development. We imagine and create tomorrow’s education with today’s knowledge in cognitive sciences.

An adventure driven and supported by a community of passionate experts, convinced by a mission that transcends us all

Babaoo is also a project that brings together dozens of professionals with complementary backgrounds: researchers, teachers, neuropsychologists, educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists, doctors, neuroscientists, orthopedagogues, neurologists… In a nutshell. All those who know our brains and accompany children.

Many of them are also parents, and it’s on a day-to-day basis that they feel the benefits of Babaoo, a definitively collective adventure!

Are you convinced by Babaoo's mission? Join the movement!

The challenge is huge. We need everyone!