Our startup in brief

Babaoo is a joyful and serious blend of neuroscience, pedagogy and technology. EdTech for those who know it well. A Neuro-EdTech even for Babaoo! The company was founded in 2011, with the ambition of making neuroeducation exciting and accessible to everyone, especially children.
Now that we know how the brain works, we need a tool to learn how to use it. That tool is Babaoo!

And where does Babaoo stand today?

Our history

Babaoo’s self-financed beginnings enabled us to mature the project and validate the scientific relevance of our proposal with cognitive science researchers, as well as with professionals in the field: speech therapists, remedial teachers, educators and teachers. Numerous exchanges and an initial full-scale test demonstrated the support and enthusiasm of children and their parents alike.

Start of production

2020 marks the operational launch of this extraordinary project: the production of the 1st neuro-educational video game! A 5 million euro fund-raising campaign will give us the means to move up a gear, with the opening of the Studio at the Serre Numérique in Valenciennes and the acceleration of recruitment.

Everything is in place to achieve our goal: to offer a 1st version of Babaoo in 2023. We're almost there!

The Team

At the heart of Babaoo is us. We’re the ones who get our hands dirty and keep our brains working like fertile soil. Men and women, brains on fire, typical and neuro-atypical, working to bring you the very best in neuroscience.

Driven by the same desire to challenge the status quo, our team is made up of 25 professionals with cross-disciplinary and complementary skills. At Babaoo, we love people and have confidence in the future.

Lab Team - Selecting the best in cognitive science

The Lab team monitors the progress of brain research and collaborates with Babaoo’s scientific partners. It carries out the necessary selection and decoding work to offer the best of cognitive science in a simple and effective way.

Their challenge: to guarantee Babaoo’s scientific relevance and effectiveness as a neuro-educational tool.

Game Design Team - Imagining the game

The Game Design team invents the game, its universe, its rules, its characters, its story… It models cognitive processes and transforms them into quests and challenges integrated into Babaoo. Everything in the Game promotes an understanding of executive functions and teaches how to mobilize them on a daily basis.

Their challenge: ensure coherence between science, design, and gameplay to create a game that is as educational as it is entertaining.

Art Team - Designing Babaoo

The Art team is responsible for Babaoo’s artistic vision. They illustrate the story and adventures imagined by the game design team while ensuring that they are properly integrated by the developers.

Their challenge: to make the abstract and the complex simple and obvious by representing each element of the game in such a way that it contributes to the brain’s understanding.

Tech Team – Bringing the video game to life

Building the infrastructure, coding every move of the characters and scenery, storing and securing data… The Tech team is responsible for making Babaoo a reality. In constant contact with the Art and Design teams, the developers code, test and iterate to create a video game that lives up to the team’s ambitions.

Their challenge: to design a game capable of adapting to evolving neuroscientific models and supporting the growth of a large number of players.

Marketing Team - Making Babaoo known & loved

If you’ve come to our site, it’s probably thanks to Team Market. Their role is to make Babaoo known, online, to scientists, academics, education and remediation professionals, parents… and to make it loved by all.

Their challenge: to democratize neuroeducation by providing a concrete response to the needs of children and the challenges facing the adults who support them.

A team that puts its experience at the service of children's future

Christophe Barnoin - CEO et cofondateur de l'EdTech Babaoo

Christophe Barnoin

A serial entrepreneur, retired at the age of 40 and father of 3, he now devotes his time and energy to Babaoo, which he co-founded. He always gets up before saying something, even when it's not interesting.

Anne-Sophie Dulong - CEO de l'EdTech Babaoo

Anne-Sophie Dulong

Former partner in a strategy consultancy, co-founder, CEO and Sales Director of Babaoo, she wears many hats with brio. As the mother of 4 boys, she expects a lot from Babaoo.

Robert Garcia - CTO de l'EdTech Babaoo

Robert Garcia

He has seen it all, from punched cards to the Cloud, and can build computers for 15 euros while advising major groups on their technical architecture. Without him, Babaoo would have remained a good idea. He's got the Tech on his shoulders.

Luc Verdier - Directeur de Création de l'EdTech Babaoo

Luc Verdier

With over 30 video game productions to his name, and founder of the YS studio, he's our superhero. With no cape or powers, except the ability to transform the abstract into something concrete... and beautiful. Essential skill for a creative director.

Alexandra Volckaert - Directrice recherche de l'EdTech Babaoo

Alexandra Volckaert

PhD in neuropsychology, researcher and practitioner, she juggles inhibitory control, attention and emotions both at work and at home with her 3 boys... her own real life lab!

Interested in joining us?

Babaoo is always on the lookout for new talent to strengthen its teams. Take a look at our vacancies and, if none of them match your skills, send us an open application.

Above all, we’re looking for people who are passionate and inspired by our project. If that’s you, don’t be shy!