KED 2023: Babaoo took part in the Klassroom Edtech Day

On 10 July, BABAOO took part in the Klassroom Edtech Day at Station F: the most eagerly awaited annual event for the teaching community at the cutting edge of innovation!
Babaoo The Mag KED 2023: Babaoo took part in the Klassroom Edtech Day
KED 2023 - Babaoo participated to the Klassroom EdTech Day at Station F

What is KED?

Klassroom Edtech Day is the event that brings together all those involved in education – teachers, businesses and institutions – to tackle the challenges facing education. Organised by Klassroom, a publisher of communication applications designed to strengthen the link between schools and pupils’ families, KED highlights EdTech innovations that are changing the daily lives of teachers, pupils and their parents.

A day of sharing innovative practices in the field

The programme includes an inspiring keynote address by organiser Klassroom to open the day, experience-sharing workshops led by teachers, and (above all!) a wide range of discussions with the most innovative players in the teaching community.

The common denominator? The field, the field, the field! All the participants, whether exhibitors or visitors, are united by the same vision of education: innovation is possible, it’s useful, it works. And it’s fun too 😉

KED 2023 Babaoo

Neuroscience: a subject that brings people together!

Several ambassadors are making the most of neuroscience in their classroom innovations! Like Marie, aka Teacher Pirouette, who led the workshop “Improving learning through neuroscience: myth or real lever?”. A workshop that left a lasting impression on all the participants, with a great ‘ice-breaker’ activity illustrating Inhibition. 😊

On the subject of emotions, Les Maitresses en Baskets and Pimp my Class shared their classroom experience on the theme “Improve well-being at school by learning socio-emotional skills with Lili“. 🧘

Pit et Pit was also on hand to present its wide range of training and revision games, including a game on the brain and its mapping! 🧠

We also had a lot of discussions with Nathan publishing, with whom we share the same belief in the contribution of neuroscience to learning mechanisms. 👩🏻‍🏫

EdTech Babaoo

New from Babaoo for KED 2023

At Babaoo, we couldn’t wait to present the progress of our neuro-educational game to the KED community! Our tablet application will be available from September onwards, and we’re also developing interfaces for teachers and remedial professionals.

Unfortunately, most teachers don’t yet have tablets in the classroom, but the vast majority are keen to get to grips with neuroeducation and, in particular, the subject of attention education. As the specialist in the field, Jean-Philippe Lachaux, says: “Attention can be learned”!

What’s great about Babaoo is that “the fun aspect takes precedence over the theoretical, without detracting from the relevance of the concepts conveyed during the game experience”. And that is indeed the mission we have set ourselves: to offer children a tool for learning to learn in an exciting way!

For this 2023 edition, we have also given teachers a sneak preview of our first teaching aids (soon to be available to download from our website 🚀 ):

  • An Executive Functions awareness booklet, offering a selection of activities and board games to carry out in the classroom (or at home!)
  • The Babacube: metacognitive support (and a craft!) to take stock of your superpowers and activate them when you need them
  • A poster for the classroom (or home!)

Have you used our materials in your classroom? Send us some feedback on Instagram!

Thank you to Klassroom and to the whole KED community for this superb day of exchanges, from which we’ve come away with stars in our eyes!

We can’t wait for 2024 🤩

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