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The video game that reveals to children their incredible brains superpowers
Babaoo: neuroeducation for all
Neuroeducational solutions
Learn how to learn thanks to neuroeducation
Babaoo is an extraordinary adventure in which children discover how their brain works and develop new cognitive skills

Babaoo is a all in one solution if you want to...

...transform screen time into useful learning time

Babaoo is a video game that develops skills such as autonomy, adaptability, and self-confidence, so essential in a constantly changing world.

The dashboard allows you to monitor your children’s progress, so you can better understand them, talk to them and guide them.

...in a completely safe way

The video game is designed for children, with no advertising or inappropriate content, and with controlled playing time.

Babaoo has been developed in close partnership with leading cognitive science specialists.

...help children through school

Babaoo complements school teaching with a different, neuroscience-based approach.

The game promotes academic success by developing children’s attentional control, problem-solving skills, and perseverance.

...an educational activity that children love

As the heroes of their own adventures, children progress freely in a poetic, caring world populated by endearing characters.

Babaoo is a game of exploration, a journey in which children develop their brain’s superpowers.

Available on tablet, they can take Babaoo everywhere!

Learn how to learn thanks to neuroeducation

Why do kids love playing Babaoo?

Children love to hear about the brain. It tells them how they work, what they believe, how they think and also how they feel, their emotions... Discovering the brain fascinates them because it tells them about themselves.

Why learn to learn?

Jeu pour apprendre à apprendre

Our children are growing up in a world that is accelerating all the time

A world where 80% of the jobs of 2030 do not yet exist, and where it is difficult to know what skills will be useful tomorrow… To adapt to this new situation, we need to be agile and learn throughout our lives.

Shaping minds that are curious and eager to learn: this is the great challenge facing education today.

No one can predict the future, and yet WE – the parents, education, and remedial professionals – are trying to prepare our children for it.

Apprendre à apprendre aux enfants

Babaoo offers a simple solution accessible to all: a neuroeducational video game for learning how to learn.

With Babaoo, there’s no lesson, no exercise, no rote learning! Through a dreamlike adventure, children get to know themselves by discovering how their brains work. They become aware of their potential and develop it by taking on playful challenges in a caring world. Little by little, they develop new cognitive reflexes that they can use in real life.

Players gain self-confidence as they progress freely through the Game, at their own pace and with positive feedback all along the way.

Babaoo: a complete neuroeducation tool

What is neuroeducation ?
Neuroeducation is a discipline at the crossroads of neuroscience, cognitive psychology and pedagogy. Its aim is to facilitate learning by proposing teaching methods based on scientific knowledge of the brain and its natural functioning.

1st neuroeducation tool, Babaoo is unlike any other educational game

Apprendre à apprendre aux enfants

By exploring the Brain World, children discover its cognitive mechanisms

Babaoo’s graphic universe allows players to let their imaginations run wild and evolve freely.

Through quests and gameplay, they develop their knowledge of the brain and their own learning processes.

Jeu vidéo éducatif pour apprendre à apprendre

In Babaoo, children discover and learn to tame the executive functions of the brain

These are the mechanisms that control our thoughts, actions and emotions. In other words: the processes that govern brain function and all our behaviors.

Développer les fonctions exécutives des enfants

The Game stimulates 5 major executive functions:

Attention, Inhibitory Control, Planning, Flexibility and Working Memory. Children learn to use each of these functions to meet challenges and progress through the adventure.

Jeu vidéo neuroéducation

Challenges help build cognitive reflexes

Acquired skills are linked to real-life situations to enable their transfer. In this way, they become available for children to use on a daily basis.

Neuroéducation pour les enfants

In Babaoo, mistakes are encouraged!

Or rather, treated in a positive and benevolent way 😉

After all, isn’t identifying and understanding your mistakes the best way to make progress?

Babaoo combines all the ingredients needed to create the best neuroeducation video game

Jeu vidéo éducatif

A demanding commitment

To develop an educational video game that promotes cognitive development and that children love to play.

Une équipe d'experts

A team of experts

Experienced professional experts of video games, design, user experience, neuro-educational research, remediation, and teaching.

Développer le potentiel cognitif des enfants

A team passionate about its mission

To empower children to make the most of their incredible brains.

Consult the Babaoo Manifesto