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Screen time management
Screen time management: how to limit overexposure among young people?

In our modern Western society, it's impossible to do without screens. Every day, we're exposed to them via our computers, phones, games consoles and tablets. While it's difficult to stay away from them, it's perfectly possible to manage our consumption, and especially that of our children. But what can we do to limit overexposure to screens, and why is it useful to limit the time our youngest spend on games and/or social networks? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️

  • Learn how to to something in 4 steps
    Learning to do something new in 4 steps

    We learn throughout our lives, but childhood is a crucial time when our little ones learn a huge amount, day after day, often without even realising it. But really... How do you learn to do something new? Here's how, in 4 easy steps. 😉

  • Cognitive Functions
    The importance of play in the development of Cognitive Functions

    Cognitive Functions are the mental abilities that enable an individual to think, perceive, remember and learn. They encompass a variety of complex mental processes, playing a crucial role in our ability to interact with the world, solve problems and make decisions. They include Memory, Perception, Executive Functions, Problem Solving and Information Processing, and Language.

  • Neuropsychologists
    Neuropsychologists: what is their role with children?

    The profession of psychologist specialized in neuropsychology (referred to as “neuropsychologist” in this article) plays a role in understanding and supporting cognitive and behavioral disorders. Let's explore this profession of cognitive remediation, focusing on the role of the pediatric neuropsychologist. Babaoo brings you up to date! ⬇️

  • teaching empathy
    How to teach empathy at school?

    From the start of the school year in September 2024, pupils in France will benefit from enhanced teaching of psychosocial skills (CPS) and empathy classes, an initiative promoted by Gabriel Attal during his tenure as Minister of Education. This measure aims to respond to a number of contemporary issues affecting young people, including bullying. The nationwide introduction of these courses is based on an experimental phase in 1,000 pilot classes, where several methods were tested. What are the expected effects of such an approach, and how can empathy be taught at school?

  • Cognitive biases in children
    Cognitive biases in children

    Modern education is not limited to learning the traditional academic subjects of mathematics, science or literature. Increasingly, schools and parents are developing children's psychosocial skills to educate and shape empathetic, socially-adapted individuals.

  • brain plasticity
    How does brain plasticity work?

    Our Brain has an incredible capacity to adapt to any situation that comes its way. Life experiences, intellectual knowledge, memory capacity... it takes a lot of connections for our neurons to transfer information throughout our Brain! This process is called Brain Plasticity, and it constantly enables the 90 billion nerve cells in our heads to adapt to every situation. Want to find out more about the "cables of our Brain"? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️

  • Alternative teaching methods
    Alternative teaching methods: another way to learn

    Alternative pedagogies encompass all educational approaches that differ from traditional methods, respecting students' individual rhythms and interests. You're probably familiar with Montessori, Freinet or Decroly pedagogies (to name but a few). Would you like to find out more? Babaoo has the answer! ⬇️

  • Olympic Games and Executive Functions
    Olympic Games: if Executive Functions were a sport

    Mens sana in corpore sano”, as the Romans said 2,000 years ago: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Despite popular belief, the brain is not a muscle, but its development requires training that is sometimes worthy of a sport! To coincide with the Paris Olympics, Babaoo has created a little game - a sort of Chinese portrait - to help you discover which sports the Executive Functions might correspond to.

  • Learn how to learn with Grégoire Borst - podcast
    Know your Brain to learn how to learn with Grégoire Borst

    Understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying learning is what Babaoo is all about. Understanding the Executive Functions is the first step towards developing and learning our cognitive processes, which are essential for both academic and personal learning. But how are the Executive Functions developed and why are they the basis of all our knowledge? Grégoire Borst and the Babaoo Mag take a closer look! ⬇️

  • The benefits of meditation for children
    The benefits of meditation for children

    Meditation is often seen as an inner journey reserved for adults. In reality, this activity is accessible to everyone, even the very youngest. Together, let's discover how this practice can enrich their daily lives to grow up in harmony with themselves - and the world around them! 🌟

  • dyspraxia
    Dyspraxia in children: understanding for better support

    Dyspraxia is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects motor coordination. Imagine your brain as an orchestra conductor, coordinating different instruments to create a beautiful symphony. In the case of dyspraxia, this conductor has difficulty synchronizing movements. It's not a question of willpower, but rather a discrepancy in the way the Brain processes and executes motor information.

  • explicit teaching
    Focus on explicit teaching

    Explicit teaching: a concept that may seem abstract, but hides a powerful and accessible educational approach. Whether you're a teacher, a parent or simply curious, this article will help you discover this method step by step. Follow the guide!

  • Montessori education
    Montessori education: a path to autonomy and fulfillment

    In the galaxy of pedagogies, the Montessori approach stands out for its profound conviction that each individual has the potential to develop in a unique and individual way. This approach to learning, developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori, is based on careful observation of children, curiosity and exploration. It aims to lead them towards autonomy, develop their self-confidence and nurture their natural curiosity throughout their lives. How does it work? Babaoo takes a look at the pillars of Montessori pedagogy in this article!

  • freinet pedagogy
    Freinet pedagogy: what is it?

    Freinet pedagogy... you may have heard this term in discussions on education, or you may know a family who has chosen this type of school... But what exactly is it? Babaoo explains!

  • AI and education
    AI and education: how to use it in class?

    Revolutionary, outdated or a source of debate? Previously confined to research laboratories and science-fiction stories, AI has quietly woven its way into our daily lives, to the point of becoming a common topic of conversation. But what is its impact on the world of education? Babaoo brings you up to date. ⬇️

  • The benefits of boredom for the brain
    The benefits of boredom for the brain

    Ah, boredom... That little intruder in our lives and those of our children, that troublemaker of quiet afternoons. But, dear parents, what if we told you that this dreaded state of affairs is actually a treasure trove for our little ones' development? Far from being an enemy, boredom could well be an ally of their creativity and learning. But why? And how? Babaoo explains. ⬇️

  • Neuroatypia
    Neuroatypia in children: understanding for support

    A unique brain... What does this really mean, in a world where each of us perceives, thinks and feels differently? To celebrate this wealth of mental diversity, the concept of neuroatypia has emerged, used by specialists to describe those neurological singularities that make us different beings. Let's dive into an exploration of what this idea really covers. 🌱

  • Taking care of your brain with Babaoo
    Brain Week: taking care of your brain with Babaoo

    March 11 to 17 was Brain Week, and at Babaoo, we know all about brains! Babaoo was designed to help children understand how their Brain works, so they can make better use of it. 🧠 We know today: knowing how your Brain works is just as important as knowing how to read or write. Taking care of it means helping children to grow, succeed and flourish!

  • International Day of Conscience
    International Day of Conscience : becoming an adult aware of others

    At Babaoo, we're convinced that a sound knowledge of the Brain is essential to making our children enlightened adults who are aware of the world around them. Inhibition, Attention, Working Memory, Flexibility and Planning develop as children grow. But how and in what way are these Executive Functions involved in this awareness? Babaoo Mag explains! ⬇️

  • How can I help my child with his homework
    How can I help my child with his homework?

    Granted, homework can sometimes seem like an obstacle course. How about turning it into a fun and rewarding exploration? Babaoo shares its tips on how to help your child with homework, and embark on an adventure where it becomes an opportunity to share, learn and grow together. 🌈

  • Children's sleep linked to brain development
    Children’s sleep linked to brain development

    Why children's sleep is important? How can we ensure they get the restful sleep they need? Let's dive together into the mysteries of sleep and its indispensable role for young, growing minds. 😴

  • Inhibitory and impulsivity management in Babaoo
    Inhibitory and impulsivity management in Babaoo

    "Stop... I think, then I act!." Inhibitory is that fascinating ability to stop in the middle of an action to take time to think about what comes next. This Executive Function plays a role in our children's development. So what's the magic recipe to help them develop this precious ability to better manage their impulsivity? What if a video game specially designed for the very young, which transforms this learning process into a captivating adventure, were the key? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️

  • the power of no yet carol dweck
    Carole Dweck: The power of Yet

    In a society where children's success is often measured by the numbers on a report card, Carole Dweck invites us to rethink our approach to learning and development. "The Power of Yet" opens the door to a refreshing perspective on caring, resilient and forward-looking education. 🌺