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Screen time management
Screen time management: how to limit overexposure among young people?

In our modern Western society, it's impossible to do without screens. Every day, we're exposed to them via our computers, phones, games consoles and tablets. While it's difficult to stay away from them, it's perfectly possible to manage our consumption, and especially that of our children. But what can we do to limit overexposure to screens, and why is it useful to limit the time our youngest spend on games and/or social networks? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️

  • Learn how to to something in 4 steps
    Learning to do something new in 4 steps

    We learn throughout our lives, but childhood is a crucial time when our little ones learn a huge amount, day after day, often without even realising it. But really... How do you learn to do something new? Here's how, in 4 easy steps. 😉

  • speech therapists
    Speech therapists: what is their role with children?

    The speech therapist is a superhero of speech, language, communication, swallowing and learning. Their areas of expertise include helping a wide range of patients: children, teenagers, adults, seniors... Speech therapy sessions can be necessary at any age: whatever the problem, they're there, ready to help.

  • flipped classroom
    Flipped classroom: why and how does it work?

    Putting students at the heart of learning, equipping them with tools before they even enter the classroom, and transforming them into players once they're in the classroom: that's the promise of the flipped classroom. Babaoo Mag takes a look! ⬇️

  • pisa survey
    PISA survey: we tell you everything!

    Today, we're taking a look at the PISA survey, the mirror of the world's education systems. So, are you ready to decipher the secrets of education across the globe? 🌐📚

  • the different types of mistakes
    The different types of mistakes

    Jean-Pierre Astolfi, a name that resonates in the world of education! In his book "L'Erreur, un outil pour enseigner", he describes 8 types of error that are recognized in the world of teaching and pedagogy. Errors, often perceived negatively, are in fact a crucial stage in the child's learning process. But why? How can we help our little ones? 🤓 Babaoo takes stock for you! ⬇️

  • occupational therapist
    The occupational therapist’s role with children

    Pediatric occupational therapy is an essential pillar in supporting the development and autonomy of children with special needs, disabilities or frailties. This article describes the role and missions of occupational therapists with children. Find out how and when to enlist the valuable help of this expert to support your loulou in his development. 🌱

  • dyslexia
    Dyslexia in children: understanding for better support

    Ah, dyslexia! Often mentioned, sometimes misunderstood, but above all: it's a reality for many little ones. In France, it's estimated that 4 to 5% of pupils in a given age group are dyslexic (according to the Fédération Française des Dys), while across the Atlantic, the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity estimates that 20% of the population suffers from dyslexia. Looking for answers to this learning disability? Babaoo is here to enlighten you. 💡

  • dysgraphia
    When words dance on paper: dysgraphia explained

    Dysgraphia. A term which may seem technical at first glance, but which refers to a very concrete reality for many children who experience difficulties in acquiring and mastering handwriting, and for their parents. Let's delve into this world together to understand it better and find out how to tackle it.

  • dysorthographia
    Understanding dysorthographia in children

    Spelling... what a pain! If dictations are a bad memory for you, imagine being in the shoes of a dysorthographic child. Dysorthographia is a neurodevelopmental disorder that makes learning and memorizing spelling rules particularly difficult.

  • Learning how to learn with neuroeducation
    Learning how to learn: the contribution of neuroeducation

    Discover the mysteries of children's brains. Dive into neuroeducation, the fascinating encounter between neuroscience and educational science. Ready to discover how to help your child "learn to learn" thanks to the enlightening perspectives of neuroscience? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️

  • Dyscalculia in children
    Dyscalculia in children

    Imagine you're immersed in a new language, with no dictionary to help you. You hear the words, but can't make sense of them. In simple terms, this is how a child with dyscalculia feels when faced with mathematics. It's a neurodevelopmental disorder that makes it difficult to understand numbers, calculations and related concepts.

  • What is active learning and why use it
    The secrets of active learning

    Who said learning had to be a one-way street, from teacher to student? Active learning breaks this mold by encouraging active student participation, transforming the classroom into a playground for the inquisitive mind.

  • 4 phases of learning
    Understanding the 4 phases of learning for children

    Modelling, Training, Appropriation and Transfer. Understanding the 4 phases of children's learning is crucial to guiding and supporting their development. Curious to find out more? Babaoo Mag has the facts for you!

  • Métacognition definition
    What is metacognition exactly?

    Metacognition is a superpower that enables us (adults and children alike) to learn how to learn. It's our ability to step back and analyse a situation and pay attention to what's going on in our heads. Want to find out more about this superpower? Babaoo Mag has the facts for you!

  • Les avantages du sport pour le cerveau
    The benefits of sport for children’s brains

    Sport isn't just a great way for kids to expend their boundless energy. Did you know that physical activity can also stimulate their growing brains? Let's discover together the cognitive benefits of sport for these developing brains. 🧠

  • positive education
    Understanding positive education

    Are you concerned about the education of your children, students or little brothers and sisters? Have you heard of positive education and are you looking for a better understanding of this approach? Then you've come to the right place!

  • Children executive functions
    Understanding children’s executive functions

    Attention, Inhibition, Working Memory, Flexibility, Planning: Executive Functions are our brain's superpowers. They enable us to control our thoughts, actions and emotions. To better understand executive functions and their role in children's development, follow the guide!

  • Les enfants testent le jeu vidéo Babaoo
    Children test out Babaoo video game

    In July 2023, our Studio hosted a preview of Babaoo for around fifteen children. It was a golden opportunity to improve our video game with a view to its release on stores in September.