Inhibitory and impulsivity management in Babaoo

"Stop... I think, then I act!." Inhibitory is that fascinating ability to stop in the middle of an action to take time to think about what comes next. This Executive Function plays a role in our children's development. So what's the magic recipe to help them develop this precious ability to better manage their impulsivity? What if a video game specially designed for the very young, which transforms this learning process into a captivating adventure, were the key? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️
Babaoo The Mag Inhibitory and impulsivity management in Babaoo
Inhibitory and impulsivity management in Babaoo

Welcome to your Brain

In Babaoo, the Brain-World is hit by the arrival of an invasion of Distractors. Whereas its inhabitants, the Babaoos, guardians of the Brain’s superpowers, and the Astrocytes, the star cells that take care of the Neurons, used to live in harmony, they are now the target of the Great Distraction. Their whole world is turned upside down. The inhabitants are no longer themselves, and nothing works properly anymore! 💔

“My name is Inhi, Guardian of Inhibitory”

Babaoo’s universe, represented by the World-Brain is divided into different Neurons, each dedicated to strengthening a specific Executive Function: Inhibitory, Attention, Working Memory, Flexibility and Planning.

Navigating through these Biomes, your child joins Babaoos and Astrocytes in the captivating mission to combat the Great Distraction to restore harmony in the World-Brain.

And it’s to the enchanting World of Inhibitory that the young player’s quest begins. After creating his personalized avatar, he soon makes the acquaintance of Inhi, the Babaoo Guardian of Inhibitory. Throughout his journey through this first Biome, Inhi becomes your child’s invaluable companion, helping him to progress through the adventure.

Playing to strengthen his Inhibitory

To get there, the road will be long and lined with stimulating challenges and fascinating quests. With each encounter, your child explores the Brain-World and improves his mastery of the superpowers of Inhibitory. Thanks to Inhi and the Cards he collects along the way, your explorer gathers all the information he needs to assimilate how his own Brain works! 🧠

The activities offered to your child in Babaoo directly stimulate the skills making up Inhibitory: Precision, Coordination, and “Stop & Go”, for example :

  • Precision games 🎯: it’s thanks to Precision that we’re able to perform all our gestures, when we need to and, above all, as we need to. And to do this, we need to learn how to control our body to adjust our gestures. By integrating this skill into playful activities, Babaoo transforms the exercise of Precision into an immersive and educational experience, through, for example, (gentle) shooting games or even in a “bacteria hunt”… 3 – 2 – 1 , in the bull’s-eye!
  • Coordination games 🎮 The art of coordination is to perform movements in the right order and in the right way to achieve the desired result. On a daily basis, we link together countless gestures thanks to this skill. As players make their way through the World of Inhibitory, they will regularly face challenges that teach them to adapt their gestures to the environment.
  • “Stop & Go” games🚦: stopping in the middle of a gesture or conversation to take time to think and then resume your task is a skill that’s more than useful in everyday life! Babaoo features several thinking and mind games to reinforce this skill in the player.

Educative app for children Babaoo

Learn by playing, just like at school

Mini-games are based on the four essential phases of a learning cycle: discovery of a concept, training, contextualization, and finally, transfer to real life. These four stages enable children to correctly appropriate information and create new automatisms. ✅

In World of Inhibition, and in those that follow it, challenges are therefore repeated several times, in different forms, to ensure the player’s proper understanding. The learning that begins on a screen comes to fruition once your child completes a Outer World Mission. 🚀

These rather special missions are offered at the end of each Neuron. The Great Sage, the most experienced Astrocyte in the Brain-World, offers your child the chance to look at what’s going on outside his Brain through a long view. These games presented require very little equipment, train Inhibitory and are best played with friends or family. Learning inside the video game is then transposed into real life.

Note: the Transfer into the child’s everyday life is the last of the four phases of learning. We speak of the Discovery of a concept, its Training, Contextualization in other situations and finally Transfer into real life. These four phases are essential, as they form part of a whole cognitive process that culminates in the assimilation of information. It’s these 4 phases that teachers rely on when they teach, whatever the subject.

The Babaoo recap

The Executive Functions are personified in the game by characters who are their Guardians: the Babaoo Inhi, as Guardian of Inhibitory, is there to help the player develop mastery of its skills: Precision, Coordination and “Stop & Go”.

Bringing Inhibitory to life is as exciting a challenge as the mini-games your child will have to tackle. By following a 4-phase learning cycle, your child’s knowledge and skills in this Executive Function will improve. By dint of discovery, training and contextualization, Transfer is fostered and enables the definitive and automatic passage of information in your young explorer’s Brain. 💡

In short, the activities proposed in this first World of Inhibitory aim to help your child develop a first superpower: that of saying to himself “Stop… I think, then I act“! 🦸

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