Learning to learn

  • Alternative teaching methods
    Alternative teaching methods: another way to learn

    Alternative pedagogies encompass all educational approaches that differ from traditional methods, respecting students' individual rhythms and interests. You're probably familiar with Montessori, Freinet or Decroly pedagogies (to name but a few). Would you like to find out more? Babaoo has the answer! ⬇️

  • Learn how to learn with Grégoire Borst - podcast
    Know your Brain to learn how to learn with Grégoire Borst

    Understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying learning is what Babaoo is all about. Understanding the Executive Functions is the first step towards developing and learning our cognitive processes, which are essential for both academic and personal learning. But how are the Executive Functions developed and why are they the basis of all our knowledge? Grégoire Borst and the Babaoo Mag take a closer look! ⬇️

  • explicit teaching
    Focus on explicit teaching

    Explicit teaching: a concept that may seem abstract, but hides a powerful and accessible educational approach. Whether you're a teacher, a parent or simply curious, this article will help you discover this method step by step. Follow the guide!

  • Montessori education
    Montessori education: a path to autonomy and fulfillment

    In the galaxy of pedagogies, the Montessori approach stands out for its profound conviction that each individual has the potential to develop in a unique and individual way. This approach to learning, developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori, is based on careful observation of children, curiosity and exploration. It aims to lead them towards autonomy, develop their self-confidence and nurture their natural curiosity throughout their lives. How does it work? Babaoo takes a look at the pillars of Montessori pedagogy in this article!

  • freinet pedagogy
    Freinet pedagogy: what is it?

    Freinet pedagogy... you may have heard this term in discussions on education, or you may know a family who has chosen this type of school... But what exactly is it? Babaoo explains!

  • AI and education
    AI and education: how to use it in class?

    Revolutionary, outdated or a source of debate? Previously confined to research laboratories and science-fiction stories, AI has quietly woven its way into our daily lives, to the point of becoming a common topic of conversation. But what is its impact on the world of education? Babaoo brings you up to date. ⬇️

  • Screen time management
    Screen time management: how to limit overexposure among young people?

    In our modern Western society, it's impossible to do without screens. Every day, we're exposed to them via our computers, phones, games consoles and tablets. While it's difficult to stay away from them, it's perfectly possible to manage our consumption, and especially that of our children. But what can we do to limit overexposure to screens, and why is it useful to limit the time our youngest spend on games and/or social networks? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️

  • How can I help my child with his homework
    How can I help my child with his homework?

    Granted, homework can sometimes seem like an obstacle course. How about turning it into a fun and rewarding exploration? Babaoo shares its tips on how to help your child with homework, and embark on an adventure where it becomes an opportunity to share, learn and grow together. 🌈

  • the power of no yet carol dweck
    Carole Dweck: The power of Yet

    In a society where children's success is often measured by the numbers on a report card, Carole Dweck invites us to rethink our approach to learning and development. "The Power of Yet" opens the door to a refreshing perspective on caring, resilient and forward-looking education. 🌺

  • flipped classroom
    Flipped classroom: why and how does it work?

    Putting students at the heart of learning, equipping them with tools before they even enter the classroom, and transforming them into players once they're in the classroom: that's the promise of the flipped classroom. Babaoo Mag takes a look! ⬇️

  • pisa survey
    PISA survey: we tell you everything!

    Today, we're taking a look at the PISA survey, the mirror of the world's education systems. So, are you ready to decipher the secrets of education across the globe? 🌐📚

  • the different types of mistakes
    The different types of mistakes

    Jean-Pierre Astolfi, a name that resonates in the world of education! In his book "L'Erreur, un outil pour enseigner", he describes 8 types of error that are recognized in the world of teaching and pedagogy. Errors, often perceived negatively, are in fact a crucial stage in the child's learning process. But why? How can we help our little ones? 🤓 Babaoo takes stock for you! ⬇️

  • dyslexia
    Dyslexia in children: understanding for better support

    Ah, dyslexia! Often mentioned, sometimes misunderstood, but above all: it's a reality for many little ones. In France, it's estimated that 4 to 5% of pupils in a given age group are dyslexic (according to the Fédération Française des Dys), while across the Atlantic, the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity estimates that 20% of the population suffers from dyslexia. Looking for answers to this learning disability? Babaoo is here to enlighten you. 💡

  • Learning how to learn with neuroeducation
    Learning how to learn: the contribution of neuroeducation

    Discover the mysteries of children's brains. Dive into neuroeducation, the fascinating encounter between neuroscience and educational science. Ready to discover how to help your child "learn to learn" thanks to the enlightening perspectives of neuroscience? Babaoo Mag has the answers! ⬇️

  • What is active learning and why use it
    The secrets of active learning

    Who said learning had to be a one-way street, from teacher to student? Active learning breaks this mold by encouraging active student participation, transforming the classroom into a playground for the inquisitive mind.

  • positive education
    Understanding positive education

    Are you concerned about the education of your children, students or little brothers and sisters? Have you heard of positive education and are you looking for a better understanding of this approach? Then you've come to the right place!