Brain Week: taking care of your brain with Babaoo

March 11 to 17 was Brain Week, and at Babaoo, we know all about brains! Babaoo was designed to help children understand how their Brain works, so they can make better use of it. 🧠 We know today: knowing how your Brain works is just as important as knowing how to read or write. Taking care of it means helping children to grow, succeed and flourish!
Babaoo The Mag Brain Week: taking care of your brain with Babaoo
Taking care of your brain with Babaoo

This 26th edition of Brain Week, an event taking place in over 100 countries, including France and Belgium, was an opportunity for Babaoo to open up behind the scenes and explain how neuroeducational gaming can help you in your daily life.

Spending time in front of a screen is acceptable within a certain framework

Television, smartphone, tablet, PC, games console – today, screens are everywhere. While we repeat over and over again that it’s important to keep children as far away from screens as possible, it’s important to distinguish between the different content they offer. Spending 1 hour in front of a cartoon or playing a neuroeducational game will not have the same impact on children’s development. 🎮

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In your free time: learning while having fun

The period between 5pm and 9pm, when homework has to be done, meals eaten, baths taken, pyjamas put on, a story read… leaves very little room for rest and calm 🤯. To take a breather, why not offer your child a playful and entertaining moment on Babaoo? 25 minutes is enough to derive maximum benefit from this calmly-paced game, which will teach him plenty about his Brain.

And to help your child understand all the scientific notions and terms used in the game, he/she collects Cards along the way. Neurons, synapses and metacognition will soon have no secrets! 🎉

Educative app for children Babaoo

Help your child develop concentration

Some children find it hard to stay focused for more than five minutes. But don’t panic, concentration can be learned! Being able to concentrate is not an innate skill, but one that is acquired through growth and practice. In Babaoo, your child will learn, among other things, not to pay attention to distractors and to exercise his Inhibition, the Executive Function thanks to which we say to ourselves, “Stop. 🛑 I’m stopping and thinking.”

Motivating your adventurer by helping him grow

Time passes and your child grows up. Watching him, you feel like you’ve already got a pre-teen at home, and finding a way to motivate him is sometimes a challenge? 👏 Babaoo, although played on a screen, opens up the possibility of interaction in your child’s daily life. In fact, when your little player reaches the end of each level, he or she is given an Outside World Mission, a fun activity to carry out in real life with friends or family! 🔭

The secret of self-confidence

Making mistakes is normal and happens to everyone: your child is still learning, there are many things that he doesn’t know how to do yet. It’s simple: if your loulou makes a mistake, chances are it’s because he hasn’t yet learned how to do it properly. ❌ ✅

Your child’s self-confidence is linked to his ability to understand this, to step back from the situation to find a solution to his problem. It could be learning how to eat with cutlery, or how to respond to a playmate in a context-appropriate way.

In Babaoo, we’ve created the Metaco Bubble, a space in the game where your little adventurer can receive Metacognition messages, enabling him to better understand how his Brain works, but also to realize where the little voice he hears in his head comes from, enabling him to make the right decisions and learn from his mistakes.

The Babaoo recap

Brain Week is an opportunity to explain, while making accessible, the latest discoveries about the workings of this mysterious organ. There’s no point in skipping steps: the Brain learns at its own pace. Can’t your child understand the rules of a game? Maybe he’s not ready for it yet! 🕹️

If used appropriately and in a well-considered way, screens can be a complementary learning medium for children. The challenge is to find the right balance to make good use of them.

To support your child’s learning and development, there are solutions that are as fun as they are educational!

Educative app for children Babaoo

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