Children test out Babaoo video game

In July 2023, our Studio hosted a preview of Babaoo for around fifteen children. It was a golden opportunity to improve our video game with a view to its release on stores in September.
Babaoo The Mag Children test out Babaoo video game
Les enfants testent le jeu vidéo Babaoo

Housed in the Serre Numérique premises alongside Rubika (a school offering training in video game professions), Studio Babaoo is made up of 25 cheerful enthusiasts. Passionate about what? Everything that makes Babaoo! Video games, neuroscience, development, graphics, education…

Children meet Babaoo


From 17 to 24 July, the Babaoo team had the pleasure of welcoming children aged 7 to 11 to let them try out the educational video game Babaoo in advance of its release on the stores (editor’s note: scheduled for release in September 2023. Take heart! The wait isn’t much longer 😉).

After a welcome from Luc, Creative Director, the children were given a tour of the Studio and an overview of the 3 areas of expertise driving the creation of Babaoo: game design, graphics and development.They then moved into the Chill Room (our very own recreation room 🎮) where, accompanied by a collaborator, they took Babaoo in hand, at the controls of the friendly character who will be the hero of the future adventure at the heart of the mysteries of their Brain.

Children meet the Babaoo team

Why a video game testing session at the Studio?


Babaoo tablet video game test

Observing game sessions in real conditions, with our real users at the controls, is the best way to check that the Game’s production is consistent with children’s expectations, and to make the necessary adjustments to guarantee them the best neuroeducational experience there is.

Opening the doors of Studio Babaoo to children is also an opportunity to show the younger generation behind the scenes of how a video game is produced. It’s an often mysterious world that many people dream of!

A summary of the days

Happy children, proud to have taken part in the adventure of creating Babaoo, and a team delighted to have met their users.

Thank you to the apprentice testers and their parents!

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