Startup for Kids 2023: Babaoo was there!

Babaoo took part in the Startup for Kids 2023 event at Paris-Saclay. It was an opportunity for budding neuro-explorers to discover the Game!
Babaoo The Mag Startup for Kids 2023: Babaoo was there!
Startup for kids 2023

Startup for Kids: what is it?

On April 16 and 17, the Babaoo team was present at Startup for Kids. A 2-day event placed under the sign of discovery and creativity for 8-15 year olds, their families and teachers.

2 days of innovation and fun

Program: creathon, round tables for families, introduction to code and fun workshops led by various EdTech were on the agenda for these 2 days of meetings around impactful themes such as:

So it was with enormous enthusiasm that Babaoo took part in the 5th edition of this event, which took place on the premises of the prestigious Centrale-Supélec school, on the Saclay campus.

Nearly 100 children and their families or teachers discovered and tested Babaoo

A 1st day dedicated to families

On Sunday, we met over 40 children accompanied by their parents for hour-long workshops, which ran throughout the day. With tablet in hand, our budding neuro-explorers were able to immerse themselves in the adventure, personalize their avatars and set off on a voyage of discovery into their brains. Accompanied by Inhi, the adorable Babaoo guardian of Inhibitory Control, they were the first to discover the metaphorical territory of the 1st Executive Function to be available in our game in September: Inhibition. And how proud they were: “Wow, so I’ve tested a game that isn’t out yet? But then, you could say I’ve been a tester!“.

Day 2: welcoming the schools

On Monday, it was time for school groups from the Saclay agglomeration. From CE2 to CM2, 56 children aged 8 to 11 took part in a Babaoo workshop. Our Research Director Alexandra Volckaert introduced the workshop with a playful awareness of Executive Functions, with a little game inviting them to detect everyday situations where each is called upon… “Holding back from repeating a secret we’ve been told… Attention or Inhibition?“.

I loved exploring the world and learning about my brain!” But what the students were most looking forward to was taking control of the game and setting off on the long-awaited discovery of those mysterious Executive Functions….

In pairs, concentration was the order of the day, and enthusiasm was the order of the day! Set up in groups of 2, students take turns reading the dialogues that introduce the adventure… “Grand Sage has entrusted us with an important mission, we must find the Attention that has disappeared!“.

First feedback on the educational video game Babaoo

Their assessment is very enthusiastic, reflecting the words of this 10-year-old adventurer who confides, “I loved exploring the world and learning about my brain!“.

Thanks to the students from Pasteur, Jeanne Chanson, La Roche, Le Guichet, Victor Baloche and Georges Guynemer schools and their teachers for their visit! We leave with plenty of ideas for improvements to offer our young neuro-explorers a play experience that matches their expectations and satisfies their curiosity!

Are you a teacher interested in meeting us?

See you at KED (Klassroom Edtech Day) on July 10, 2023 at Station-F (Paris)!

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