The Game


The fascinating adventure of self-discovery and the discovery of others.


Ohmi was a beautiful and peaceful world, which was inhabited by the Babaoos, who were intelligent, friendly, and happy beings. 

- Wiseman


Until the day when the Great Force took control of Ohmi, and stole the joie de vivre from the Babaoos, and created disorder in their minds and on their planets.


Your Mission is to free the Babaoos from the Great Force. How do you help them regain control of their intelligence?


Only avatars are able to resist the field of the Great Force.  Choose an Avatar that you can customize.
You'll gradually discover his or her powers... 



Nobody knows the Great Force, but it is everywhere in the vast Ohmi universe. You'll need a special Babaoo to carry out this delicate mission. Make the right choice!


- Wiseman


You can count on your Babaoo everywhere and in all circumstances. It is unique. It is adapted to your likeness. By accumulating points, you can help it evolve.

Pay attention to the ball that is above its head...



You'll have to be smart, make your brain work, and team up with other players in order to solve the mysteries of Ohmi.
With experience, you may be able to tame the Great Force and have it serve you... 


- Wiseman


Discover what the Great Force has destabilized on each planet.

Find strategies and friends to free the Babaoos.

Help the Babaoos regain control of their planet and of themselves. 


An adventure through a wealth of intelligence, freedom, and sharing.