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The Concept


Propose a video game that actually supports the player's personal development




By systematically pulling out all of the stops of the video game world, Babaoo offers a fun solution that engages the player.

une aventure
un univers
de la liberté
un progrès incrémental
à plusieurs
une expérience
du challenge
des récompenses

Learn how to learn


Babaoo allows each player to move into his or her personal comfort zone by developing cognitive skills according to the following cycle:
discover, practice, master.

Zone de confort : intégration, visuel, auditif, kinesthésique, VAK

Comfort zone

Choose the message format (VAK: visual, auditory or kinesthetic), and the path taken (global or linear), which allow the player to behave freely.

blocs cognitifs : fonctions exécutives, mémoire, émotions

Cognitive blocks

Cognitive skills to be developed in order to facilitate learning (Executive functions, Memory, Emotions) are divided into games and missions.

Cycle d'apprentissage : découverte, pratique, maîtrise


Every game follows a cycle, that identifies the personal learning strategies of the player, which allows him or her to become an expert. 


Learn how to learn

Technology allows for personalized and auto-adaptive content that stems from natural game behavior.

Composition du dashboard : Profil cognitif, Profil émotionnel, Profil joueur, Profil motivation, Récompenses, Progrès, Humeur

Discover yourself ...


Babaoo provides the player with information about himself or herself in the form of a thematic dashboard. 

Grouped into clusters, this information expands the player's self-awareness and forms a basis for interaction with his or her environment.


… and recognize others


By being in touch with similar profiles, the player is reassured.  

Through the experience with his or her community of reference, difficulties relative to his or her profile can be anticipated, and solutions made available ahead of time.

The challenges require players to consider other profiles, which thus promotes openness to others. 

Lien entre profil et ma communauté, lien aux autres communautés, création de contenu spécifique

Gain confidence


Research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience show the importance of self-confidence and self-esteem as a foundation for learning.

Confiance : Etre qui je suis

Being who I am

I understand my way
I build my world
I belong to a community that is similar to me

I feel free

Confiance : Avoir de l'énergie

Having energy 

I play better
I learn better
The energy invested is always rewarded

I am enthusiastic

Confiance : Avancer

Moving forward

I have solutions and
an appropriate strategy
The game does not judge me
I'm not afraid of being wrong

I'm curious


And it works


The Babaoo prototype has been working since 2015, and has given proof of concept (POC).


Babaoo protects and shares the wealth of its data


Babaoo collects data produced by the player and displays it via a dashboard. It uses the data to improve the gaming experience, and shares it with experts.

Données : Production de données via comportement du joueur, Analyse, Restitution via Communautés, Tableau de Bord, Contenu auto-adapté, Échange avec les experts